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Internet and Mobile Banking

Internet and Mobile Banking

  • Mobile Banking: Options for Every Phone - There are three types of Mobile Banking: text, web, and app. Most banks offer different types of Mobile Banking so you may choose the one that works with your phone and is convenient for you at the time. And if you have a smartphone, you could use all three.
  • The Many Benefits of Online Bill Pay - Online Bill Pay is a service provided by many banks as a part of Online Banking. Online Bill Pay can be used to pay almost any bill by sending payments directly from your account(s) all from a single website saving you time and money.
  • Online Banking: Take Advantage of Lesser-Known Features - Are you getting the most out of Online Banking? Online Banking can save you time and money including making deposits, payments and transfers as well as receiving alerts, notifications and special offers. All of these Online Banking features are readily available through most banks.
  • Keep Your Accounts Safe - The security of your identity and your accounts is of the utmost importance. Between the efforts of you and your bank, you can keep your accounts safe by following several safety procedures and using good ole common sense.

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